We can be heroes just for one day…every day! We have the power to make just one person’s day better, and that makes our job, our day, our mission so worth it. The best part of our day is seeing YOU smile.

Our super power is creating smiles, and we thrive on positivity. We share this power with our community, and it is an honor. We share this power with our patients, and it is a privilege. We share this power with our dental community, and we are united!

To celebrate 2017 we are honoring our heroes. We are honoring YOU. Come be a part of the Lawless Orthodontics Family. Come see what makes us so special, what has made us a unique part of this community for so long. Come be a part of something important, and change your life for the better. Don’t just take our word for it, ask your neighbors, ask your friends, ask your family members. Come experience the Smiles That Last difference for yourself. We look forward to seeing YOU smile soon, and be sure to ask about our HERO Courtesy for you, or someone you love!